Systemic Racism… Let’s Talk About It!

In a questions and answers way, this brochure addresses the main issues related to systemic racism. With its historical overview, glossary and insightful scientific data, this guide will help you demystify what systemic racism is. In addition, it offers solutions to overcome racism!
image de la brochure Systemic racism


Systemic racism… Let’s Talk About It!

Concerned by the rise of racism, the Ligue des droits et libertés published in 2017 a handbook on systemic racism in French followed by the English version in 2018 – Systemic Racism … Let’s Talk About It!



This brochure, in the form of questions and answers, deals with questions many people ask themselves:

• If races do not exist, why are we talking about racism?
• Am I privileged? What is white privilege?
• Can our behaviour be racist without us knowing it?
• How can racism, direct or systemic, infringe on human rights?
• And above all, what can we do to end racism?

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